Rebate application must be sent before starting the voyage or at least 48 hours prior to sailing from load port:

A. Vessels particulars
Name, Type, Dwt, Last Transit, S.C.NET, Beam, Transit Draft, Speed, Bunker consumption/price (F.O.&D.O.)

B. Voyage details
Weather conditions at sea, Port of Origin/Destination, Nature and Quantity of cargo loaded if any – Daily chartering rate – Bunkering ports – Deviation point.

C. Voyage Costs
Your detailed calculations of voyage costs via each route (Cape/Suez Canal/other route) and expected rebate from normal tolls.


Full S.C. Tolls amount, without any reduction, to be submitted before transitting. The agreed rebate will be released upon receiving the following documents –

Bill of lading and cargo manifest if any.
A statement signed by the Master and Owners/Operators that the vessel made her voyage without any stoppage at intermediate ports for cargo operations.

Certificate from the port authorities of origin stating : date of departure – Nature & Quantity of cargo loaded (or in ballast) – sailing to.

Certificate from port authorities of destination stating : Coming from – date of arrival – Nature of cargo discharged (or in ballast).

In the event that a vessel has called at any port enroute, a Certificate/S.O.F. must be produced which verifies that the vessel has only called for bunkering/crew change purposes and no cargo operations have taken place.

These documents should be submitted within 6 months of the transit, no reduction will be granted after this period.

The offer is valid for 70 days from the date of SCA reply til vessel’s arrival at the Suez Canal. If the transit does not take place within this period a new application must be made. The SCA will restudy the case provided that the new application is received by them before the ship sail from load port.


Should the vessel, for any reason, change load or discharge port from those stated in the original Bill of Lading or manifest, a revised calculation is to be presented to the S.C.A. showing the new reduction required. New documentation is to be presented accordingly.

The S.C.A. calculate 3 extra days steaming via the Cape for bad weather. Kindly take this into consideration when making your calculations. State the vessels correct speed and not the average speed, which is usually calculated to take into account any bad weather over the whole voyage. This will ensure that the allowance in the calculation for lost time due to bad weather is not made twice.

On receipt of the completed Rebate Request Form attached, we will make a proposal to the S.C.A. concerning any vessel you feel should be eligible for a rebate, and negotiate on your behalf. It normally takes two or three days to receive a clear answer.