Ministry of transport

General Authority for Red Sea Ports

General Directorate for Management and Organization


No. 71 dated 26.08.2011
The Chairman of the Board: –

  • After consideration of the law no. 47 year 1978 regarding the civil employees in the country.
  • Based upon the republic decision no. 217 year 1978 regarding the establishment of General Authority for Red Sea Ports.
  • The decision of H. E. the Minister of transport no. 12 year 2011 to assign us as a chairman of the boar of General Authority of the Red Sea.
  • Upon the decision of H. E. the Minister of transport no. 23 year 1991 concerning the addition of calculation with regard to waste collection process from Suez port.
  • Upon law no. 4 year 1994 concerning environment procession modified as per law no. 9 year 2009
  • Upon the decision of H.E. the minister of transport no. 520 year 2003 concerning the rules and regulations of license for works practices concerning Egyptian marine ports.
  • Upon decision no. 101 year 2009 issued by the authority,
  • Upon the approval of the Board of Directors to modify the resolution of no. 101 year 2003 in session no. 151 dated 14.04.2011 approved by H. E. the minister of transport.
  • Upon our instruct

Article 1
All ships are obliged to remove all wastes within the territories under jurisdiction of the ports of the authority.

Even if it is waiting for transit in Suez canal to hand down the wastes to marine works contractors licensed to practice this activity.

It’s prohibited to throw out the wastes within the territories of the port under jurisdiction of the port authority, with full commitment to the execution of the decision in order to keep marine environment from pollution.

Article 2
No ship or marine unit is allowed to throw out the waste inside the boundaries of the ports under jurisdiction of the port authority, otherwise it will be subject to penalties or criminal fines stipulated in law no. 4 year 1994 and regulating Ministerial Decisions

Article 3
The ships are obliged to remove all wastes and garbage through handing them down to marine works contractors licensed to practice this job by the port authority, All ships; whether inside or outside the waiting area; waiting for transiting Suez canal with waste and garbage on board except the ships that the port authority sees, through committees set up for this purpose, That they have no wastes or garbage onboard through evidencing documents, or normal inspection shall remove such herbage or wastes.

Article 4
All marine works contractors shall use waste reception barge to collect wastes and garbage, Which are disposed through legal methodsand handed down to the concerned bodies and to provide an evidence for this.

Article 5
All marine works contractors shall abide to the following: –

  • Not to transact with the ship master or ship crew unless through a shipping agency of the ship
  • Misuse of license, by any means or damage the reputation of the country or the port.
  • It is not allowed to practice any works which are different from the licensed works as per Ministerial decisions regulating these works; directly or indirectly in case of breach’ the contractor is forbidden from practicing the works and licenses are to be nullified, in addition to any criminal penalty to be enforced.

Article 6
The shipping agency shall perform the services of waste and garbage collection as per the role to be defined by Marine works association.

Article 7
The fees for furnishing these services as follows :

First : as for the ships existing inside the territories of the port / waiting to transit suez canal as follows :

  • USD 75 per square meter, minimum of 3 m for external waiting area
  • USD 60 per square meter, minimum of 3 m for internal waiting area

Second : as for ships berthing alongside the terminal as calculated according to the following rates :

  • USD 50 per square meter, minimum of 2 m

Third : Minimum rate for providing this services in case of no garbage as per the following rates:

  • USD 100 for external waiting area – USD 70 for internal waiting area
  • USD 50 for the quay

These rates are subject to reconsideration each year.

Article 8
Other works carried out by marine works contractors are subject to calculation in agreement with shipping agency as per the volume of required works in the light of regulating ministerial decisions.

Article 9
Marine works contractors are obliged to furnish the service providence to the shipping agency of the ship in the form made for providing this service, fully having all approving signatures and stamps, in addition to a copy of the invoice and documents to the authority.

Article 10
The shipping agency of the ship is hereby obliged to pay the value of the invoice of providing the service by marine works contractors after deducting of a 20 % of the invoice value and supplied for the account of General Authority for Red Sea ports in acceptable payable cheque and are paid as follows:

  • Some 15 % for port authority to be paid as bonus for the employees of the port authority against the works performers and follow up.
  • Some 5 % for the favor of Suez and Red Sea Chamber of Shipping

The shipping agency shall pay the whole value of the invoice within two weeks from the date of the invoice receipt. Failure to pay in due time, the shipping agency is to be notified to pay within another week, in case of no payment the all administrative and legal procedures are to be taken to pay the invoice value.

Article 11
The work performance is to be follow up through committee set up by the authority for this purpose, or through control of the state on the port, and shall have the right to take all legal procedure against any breaches by the ship, shipping agency or marine works contractors.

Article 12
Marine works contractors and shipping agencies shall abide to the execution of laws. Decision and instructions rendered in this respect.

Article 13
All working and concerned bodies in the port shall execute this decision each in his own field

Article 14
Decision no. 101 year 2005 nullified and deemed as it was not

Article 15
The decision is applicable as from the date of its issuance and is to be released in the official journal.