• Port calls for offshore vessels and supply boats working within the oil and gas sector in Egypt.
  • Arrangements for efficient handling of formalities associated with Customs and other clearances for port calls.
  • Estimates and settlement of all charges.
  • A vast network of suppliers and relevant marine units within Egyptian regional waters. Allows for quick responsiveness and flexible solutions.

Military and Security Permits

Arrangements of military and security endorsements are essential for any marine unit (drilling apparatus/supply pontoons/plunging pontoons/research vessel/link or coring vessels, etc.) to work in Egyptian regional waters.

Potential endorsements would be facilitated through:

  • The Egyptian military (operation parts), insight, security, maritime bases, flying corps, drift protect.
  • National security
  • Environment power
  • Bunch 26
  • Service of Maritime Transport • Port and Light

Issuance of accompanying licenses

  • Route cautioning
  • Drift Guard allowance
  • Bunch 26 licenses for team and staff
  • Media transmission permit for correspondence hardware (V.H.F – H.F Radar-and similar) onboard the marine units. Grants for Inmarsat, working by means of satellite stations.


  • Facilitating renting of equipment (Cranes, Forklifts, Compressors, Generators, Oxygen Cylinders, Trailers, etc.)
  • Expediting custom clearance for drilling equipment.
  • Close connections with the owners of tugs, AHTS, AHT, PSV, ERRV, Barges, Diving and ROV’S vessels, Seismic vessels, constructions vessels, DPI & DPII vessels, accommodation vessels, Guard Ships and other specialized craft allows us to respond swiftly to your requirements.