• Issuance and assistance with permits from the Ministry of Maritime Transport for working in Egyptian Territorial waters;
  • Issue port passes.
  • Issue work permits, VISA and similar for outsiders to work in Egypt.
  • Personnel handling at the airport for crews and issuance of passage visa. • Crew changes and coordination with Customs and Immigration.
  • Accommodation in Cairo, Alexandria and other Egyptian ports.
  • Transportation from/to Cairo/Alexandria from all relevant Egyptian ports.
  • All drivers follow HSE rules and undergo proper training.
  • Help with air travel reservations.

24 Hours office correspondence administrations
M.S.A workplaces are kept an eye on 24 hrs a day and outfitted with VHF marine radio, phone, fax, cell phones and web administrations. Ideal giving medevac help if required.

All services subject to charges according local and international industry standards