1. Procurement for storage locations for petroleum companies inside/outside relevant ports.

  • Storage of oil-spill equipment, anchor, anchor chains, pipe-cables, storage of containers etc.
  • Our project partner Concord Shipping Agency provide indoor warehouse facilities for storage of supplies and provisions.
  • Tank farm
  • Dry & wet bulk products
    • » Cement storage for drilling operations • Gas & Oil
    • Diesel / Methanol 

2. Project and brokerage activates incl. chartering of offshore vessels, promoting and participating to cover Egyptian cargo trends.

3. Custom Clearance and Free Zone Facilities

  • Custom Clearance (Importation/Re exportation) of Drilling Rigs, Supply Boats and Marine units working in Egypt.
  • Organizing and arranging with Customs authority for every one of the conventions required for importation or and re-exportation under any clearing status (exemption/temporary exempt on/duty paid/free zone/transit).

4. Custom clearance of air-freight cargo and ocean cargo:

  • Custom handling for any load, materials and gear’s touching base via air-freight at Cairo airport or via ocean cargo at any Egyptian port.
  • Exportation or re-exportation of materials, hardware and tests of risky products.
  • Transporting of materials, hardware and compartments from Custom zones to anyplace in Egypt
  • Liaising with authorities and stevedores for ef cient stacking/releasing operations – both mass and general freight.