Re: M/V _________ – Crew Change

Please find relevant information & instruction for Crew / Personnel embarking / disembarking at Port Said & Suez attended by Global Shipping Services Ltd. Egypt.

Please provide us with following details:
Passport no. and expiry date
Seaman’s book no. & expiry date
Flight Info: (To, From, Airline, Flight Number, Departure / Arrival Dates & Timings) PTA ref, E-ticket ref

Note: All flights are through Cairo Airport, EGYPT.

Documentation & Visa Requirements:
Joining Crew should hold an introduction letter from owners detailing ship’s name, arrival port and Canal agent’s name. Officers should bear their license of competency.
Repatriating Crew should hold valid seaman’s book & passport.
We recommend that PTA tickets are collectable from Cairo Airport and NOT from any Cairo town office.
Repatriating flight tickets are to be detailed to us prior to off-signer disembarkation from vessel.

Western European / USA citizens do not require entry visa, ok to board, or invitation letters.

Philippine and all other nationalities not hereby already mentioned, are required to obtain an ‘Ok to Board’ letter from us and must have a Guarantee letter prior to arrival. Thereafter Visa can be granted on arrival Cairo airport.

To ensure a timely ‘handover’ between changing crew, we recommend that On-signers embark at Port of Entry and Off-signers disembark at Port of Exit. Example: If vessel transit is Northbound, On-signers embark in Suez and Off-signers disembark in Port Said. Vice-versa for southbound transits.

Our crewing department will assist you hereafter.